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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  September 7, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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mysterious death, the howard county apartment catches fire. then a woman is found inside
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dead. a man badly injured. tonight the investigation and why police suspect it could be murder. hello everyone i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here is what people are talking about tonight. >> after a woman is found dead, a man injured, a sparked fire. kai jackson has the story. >> reporter: the man is being treated right here at shock trauma. but right now police are suspecting that something suspicious may have happened here but exactly what and what type of possible crime could have occurred is unclear. sky high chopper 13 captures this video of the howard county fire and police department are on the scene of a fire.
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at the 300 block of majors lane. >> it's a sad situation. my heart goes out to the family as well. i hear they lost a loved one. >> reporter: howard county police aren't saying how the family died. they do say she and the man she lived with, both in their 30s sustained injuries unrelated to the fire. wjz news spoke to a woman who says she knew the victim and their children attend the same school. >> we have conversations at the administrators office. we talked about the summer, she was just such a loving sweet lady. >> reporter: the fire started about 3:30 tuesday afternoon. firefighters responded quickly and got the blaze under control about a half hour later. the damage was contained to two units on the second and third floors. >> my condolences goes out to the family and i hope that
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whatever has happened that they are able to solve it. >> reporter: and at this point, howard county police are not releasing the identities of either the woman who died or the man who remains here at shock trauma. an autopsy will be conducted on the woman to determine exactly how she did. the names are not being released at this time. the investigation into the fire and the mysterious injuries that both sustained are being investigated. >> the red cross is working with other families in the building who were affected by the fire. we have just learned a local man died in a bombing attack in afghanistan. christopher bale's family says the 24-year-old was killed sunday. bale was a marine for four year, serving two tours of duty in iraq and received the purple heart. he was in afghanistan working as a contractor. bale graduated from carver high
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school. >> three men are facing charges. they attacked a man almost killing him. the attack happened from baltimore's busy penn state. >> reporter: in broad daylight, a 37-year-old man attacked and almost killed by a group of young teenagers monday afternoon. the suspects who face attempted murder charges are just 14 and 16 years old. keith anderson, the youngest in the group had a knife. >> they asked him for some change. the victim declined to give them any change. one of the suspects pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the chest. >> reporter: he asked anderson why he did it, his answer according to court records is he had change and he should have gave it to you. the crime alarming to people who walk around the station. >> that's not safe, i would not be walking around this area. >> reporter: this crime is
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similar to the attack of a medical student in the same area. >> i don't really walk alone at night. i usually ride my bike which i feel is safer than walking. >> reporter: violent teens are increasing. in both cases the suspects face adult charges. >> these are 14 and 16-year-old kids that are pulling out knives and attacking people. it's a difficult situation for police to -- >> reporter: adam may, wjz eyewitness news. now the victim also tried taking pictures of the suspect with the cell phone after the attack. it's unknown if they are clear enough to identify the teens. outrage around the world tonight over a florida pastor's
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plan to burn copies of the coran. wjz is live, new tonight weijia jiang spoke to local muslims who are shocked and frightened, weijia jiang. >> reporter: this pastor says says he wants to send a message to radical muslims. but burning the coran would indict every single muslim and that has serious consequences. christian minister terry jones plans to burn copies of the coran is creating an international fire storm. >> sooner or later we're going to have to say no to radical islam. >> i was insulted by it. i said how can a man of god, do something like that to another religious like that. >> reporter: baltimore muslim leader hassan says that not only are they in opposition of
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the plan, but they are in fear of muslim phobia. >> this in our view has the potential to enflame public opinion around the world in a way that will jeopardize american lives and american interests. >> we just can't let it sit or let it be without responding in some kind of way. >> as an evangelical i say to those who do this, i say you bring dishonor to the name of jesus christ. >> reporter: still despite public pressure and death threat, jones says he will not back down. >> the only thing that can cause us to change our mind is if we felt really a deep conviction, we felt like god really wanted us not to do it.
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>> reporter: and because of all the threats he has received, jones says he now carries a pistol on his hip for protection. but again, as of right now he has no plans to cancel his plans. weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> jones is pastor at the dove world outreach center. a small evangelical church. the white house announces a bold new plan to jump start the fragile economy aimed directly at business. president obama is proposing a packageover tax cuts that would amount to $200 billion affecting 1.5 billion businesses. companies can write off investments and equipment through next year. other proposals include a $50 billion project to rebuild roads, railways and airports. the president will announce the plan in a speech tomorrow in cleveland. let's get down to work,
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that's the message and former governor robert uerlich's plan. >> i'm not the kind of guy that likes to hang in the sidelines. today, maryland is in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago. higher taxes, not enough jobs. >> it's the theme of the campaign obviously. jobs, lower taxes, it's restoring maryland to what it should be. we're restoring maryland to what it was. >> grow small business, really. >> reporter: governor o' malle y went on the air early in the season. the o' malley campaign calls it
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high in the sky. an insult to the intelligence of maryland voters says russell. >> an insult to the intelligence of the voters. >> this from a guy who blamed me for the louisiana oil spill. what can i say. >> reporter: erlich's ad appearance is because but so is his money. still he considers the message right on. it's a rare occasion when the democrat and republican candidates have back to back records as governors of the state. so most voters may already have an idea who they like better. >> compare and contrast is fine. but they want to see vision, they want to see where you want to take the state. how serious you are about taking the state in a different direction. >> a second ehrlich ad is already in the works.
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stay with wjz for continued coverage of campaign 2010. log on to wj for more information on the candidates. a facelift and a new name for a baltimore landmark. the new name follows a $3.5 million donation from model who used to own the ravens. the money will go toward finishing a $12.5 million renovation which is already under way and should be finished next fall. fantastic. that's wonderful for the opera center. >> sure is. from the cockpit to a jail cell. a jet blue flight attendant makes a court appearance. people and animals try to recover from a devastating barn fire. that story as eyewitness news continues. a big cool down headed our
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way. i'm bob turk. i'll have your complete forewarn forecast coming up next. [ male announcer ] the new subway flatbread breakfast sandwiches! like the new double bacon & cheese omelet sandwich! they're all new. toasty, tasty, and made to your order. so come and build your better breakfast today, at subway!
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it is 79 degrees with a few clouds in central maryland.
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a minnesota man falls 12 feet under ground after the sidewalk just gives way. he was not seriously injured. the infamous jet blue flight attendant was back in court today. steven slater put lives as risk when he deployed an evacuation flight in a jet blue flight, grabbed a couple of beers and jumped off the plane. slater was apparently angry at a passenger. he could face seven years many prison. a maryland man is behind bars tonight after setting off an all day man hunt. two montgomery county schools were put on lock down for three hours as police search for 32- year-old joshua prince. police say he fired at least one shot at his exgirlfriend using a high powered rifle. she was not hurt, late this afternoon, prince turned himself into police in pennsylvania and now he faces a number of charges. more than two dozen horses
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die in a barn fire at a popular casino and tonight the owners of those horses and the community are still struggling to deal with the tragedy. it happened right across the maryland line in charlestown west virginia. dozens jumped in to try to save the horses. >> reporter: trying to get back to normal isn't easy especially for horses that survived the fire. but there, the lucky ones. the horses people manage to set free. cell phone video shows the danger. >> we have to get out, we have to get out. the roof is on fire. >> everybody out. >> reporter: the three alarm blaze just before dawn destroyed a large barn just before the border of west virginia. 37 thoroughbred horses were killed. putting the fire out was the easy part. >> the real challenge comes with dealing with the people
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that were here and the dead horses and also recovering the horses who were alive and being able to get them back. >> reporter: owners and trainers who usually compete against each other are helping each other out. >> it's a terrible disaster. terrible, i've never seen anything like that and i don't want to see it again either. >> reporter: with help from the casino, they've been able to find another stable for the horses. preliminary investigation has not turned any evidence of arson and a cause may never be known. >> when you have a total barn like this, a complete burn, basically all the evidence of original cause is burned up. so it makes it very difficult. >> no words can describe just the devastation from this
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accident. it's amazing. >> and traumatizing. alex demetrick. >> and preliminary losses are at $1 million. that number could climb higher once the value of the horses lost is finalized. baltimore is ranked among the most stressful city. while we're not at the top of the list. charm city is in the middle of the pack ranked number 19th. detroit was picked as the most stressful city because of its high unemployment and of course l.a. was second. you know the saying, money can't buy you happiness. according to a new study from princeton university it can, sort of. research shows the lower a person's annual income falls below $75,000, the unhappier he or she feels. but no matter how much more than 75 they make, they don't report any greater degree of happiness. so 75,000 seems to be the magic number. don't know why. >> 2.5, 3 million?
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>> that would do it. >> i think so. >> i would say giddy. we've had a very warm day today. how warm was it? we broke a record. not for the day but for the summer 79 now. humidity at 54%, dewpoint is still low at 51. winds southwest at eight. the barometer falling a little bit 2.998-inches. 70 in oakland, 80 in washington and 76 in ocean city. okay. 91, 61 today. the average is now 81 and 60 and the records is 101 and 45. we didn't set a record for the day. but today marked the 55th day of 90 plus temperatures and that is an all time record for the number of 90 plus days set back in 1988. so yes it was a record breaking summer.
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a nice southerly breeze, keeps us very warm tonight. tomorrow with a big area of high pressure and a lot of wind. very dry conditions, we do have a red flag warning tomorrow. northeast maryland and the rest of the state. expect the northern eastern shore will be under that fire weather watch. very dangerous conditions for fires outside. so be very, very careful. to our north a funnel system with much cooler air. this front that's developing across the great lakes. this is of course hermine. a lot of rain in texas from that. doesn't seem like we see much of that. could be a little bit of shower activity perhaps out here by sunday. for the time being we're watching showers that popped up over ohio, pennsylvania. late this afternoon and evening. late this evening, they're beginning to break up because we run into this dry air. we will see clouds, maybe a morning shower. after that it's going to get a lot cooler and much windier as well. temperatures falling, back in
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the 50s. thursday and friday look absolutely spectacular weather. hermine just a tropical depression. still a lot of rain and flooding rains still continuing into texas. some of that moisture heading into the central states over the next three to four days. west winds in the bay, 25 knots and a small craft advisory. bay temp around 78. tonight, a warm night. kind of breezy later, 68 with a breeze coming in. maybe a morning shower then temperatures will fall from the upper 80s to the upper 70s by dinner time. tomorrow night, back into the 60s, for good sleeping weather. 76, 77, nice end to the week. check in tomorrow morning on eyewitness news starting at 4:55 a.m.
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we begin the baseball, buck shorewalter's ace are making it. first-inning, adam jones back in the line up, single to left field. pie will score easily. nick markakis will try. throw home, jorge posada can't handle it. markakis is safe. a stunning start, o's out to a stunning lead against sabathia. a drive to deep left field, up and out of the park. two run homer, a 5-1 o's lead. this coming from a pitcher who hasn't lost at home.
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jake arieta was the better pitcher tonight. working into the 7th inning allowing just two. o's win 6-2. that's four wins in a row. four straight home victories. o's go for a three game sweep of the yankees tomorrow afternoon. the ravens welcome tishmanhana tomorrow. and joining bolden. he feels he will fit in well. >> i want the ball, and they want the ball as well. it doesn't matter who gets the glory, because in the end everybody benefits when you win, period. >> a monday night kick off special, see it right here on
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wjz13, our coverage will kick off monday at 6:30. new york, u.s. open women's tennis, quarter finals, third seed venus williams. powerful rally by both players. venus far court, she will put the ball away. venus advances to the finals. williams gets defending champ kim chrysler next. she's the only american single player left in the entire tourney, it's called the u.s. open but the rest of the world is invited too. is invited too. >> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice.
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